Here is our new logotype, with the new wordmark.

We have streamlined our SnigelDesign name to become SNIGEL.

Our strengths remain deeply rooted in industrial design, but we continue to develop and evolve. Today, we are designers and innovators as well as manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and consultants.

The new logo is forward-looking – bold, symmetrical, heralding the future and easily recognizable in all formats.

Snigel is Swedish for snail, a tiny yet powerful creature that always carries its home on its back. The name associates to our early roots in making backpacks and the strong shell protection we offer.

Snails are pretty cool, too, if you ask us.


Snigel is an independent Swedish company with a fierce dedication to supporting the user. Operated by a group of officers, designers and engineers, we are passionate about elevating the quality and function of personal equipment for modern soldiers and law enforcement officers. Founded in 1990 by a military officer who later earned an MFA in industrial design, the company is guided by a “no compromise” philosophy on function, quality and comfort.

Singel is powered by passion. We live and breathe the products we design since we also use them ourselves in the Swedish Army, where several of us are reserve officers and soldiers. Our own personal experience, combined with our customers’ professional expertise, forms the basis for the improvements that we are constantly making to our products.

True to our legacy

Snigel products are built to stand the test of time. That means products with the old SnigelDesign tag will still form the backbone of many of our customers’ equipment systems for many years. Regardless of what logo is on the tag, we stand by all our products and guarantee their high performance and functionality.

You will also be able to order SnigelDesign branded stock items for quite some time.

We are rebranding to SNIGEL from SnigelDesign.

Our commitment to giving you uncompromising quality, solid functionality and leading-edge technology will never change.

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